Live near Kewannee, IL??? Come out AUGUST 1, 2015

Shaun Hays - Chicago Chalk Champ - at Zion Lutheran Summer Celebration 2015 - Kewannee, IL

Shaun Hays – Chicago Chalk Champ – at Zion Lutheran Summer Celebration 2015 – Kewannee, IL

I will be handing out awards after judging YOUR artwork!!! Come make it awesome!! Need Chalk? I’ll have Champ Sticks there!

Quotes From Shaun’s Champion Speeches

Everyone is talking about Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ

Everyone is talking about Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ

Over the years, I have seen my presentations amaze and impress, but there is nothing like hearing that what you do made a true difference. Here are a few people who’d like to share with you what they shared with me after an event.


“None of my friends were at the speech you gave and
I was really bummed that they weren’t, because they
missed sooo much!!! You have no idea what an
impact you had on me Thursday. It was amazing!!! I
wanted you to know I was the one person who
needed to hear that speech. You said yourself before
you left that you could guarantee that at least one
person needed to hear what you had to say and I
wanted u to know that I was one of them.” –Krystie

“Thank you for coming here. You made a lot of
people think differently.” Tamira, PA

“Your mural is prominently displayed in our main
hallway, where everyone can admire it (and
remember your inspirational message) on a daily
basis. In all my years here, I have never seen a
program so well received as yours! I was thrilled
when our students gave you not 1 but 2 standing
ovations during your presentation. Thanks again,
Shaun!” – Janet Craig, IL

“You’re an awesome artist and have given me lots of
inspiration to keep up my own artwork. Thank you so
much!” –Shelly Benson, PA

“You’re a big inspiration to everyone. Good luck
with everything.” Heather Boltz, PA

“Great message!” – Mrs. Zyler

“You have the most amazing story I have ever heard.
I was moved by it and wish you the very best in life.”
-Mary, Tampa, FL

“The assembly was awesome! Thank you for coming
to our school! You’re very talented! – Kristine, PA

“Dear Shaun, my name is Kellie Snyder and I go to
Maine West H.S. I saw your presentation last week
and thought it was very moving. We don’t have many
speakers that make a lasting impact on you once they
have left and the presentation is over. Most of our
speakers just stand up in front of us and babble on
about their personal lives, not even trying to reach us
on a personal level. Yours was definitely one of the
best I’ve seen and it was very unique the way in
which you went about getting your point across. Your
artwork is awesome and you truly have a lot of
talent…I look forward to seeing you again at our
school. Thank you for coming.” – Des Plaines, IL

“Thank you for your inspiration!” – Cindy Yanchick,

“You’re super awesome! Keep making the
difference!” – Sylvia, Arizona student Council

“Hey, holla! Great job!” – North STUGO, AZ

“Keep doing what you do!” – Ryan, AZ

“Your speech was AMAZING! Thank you for
everything!” – A. Tibbs, Senior

“Dude, SWEET! No, seriously- I’ve never seen or
heard anything like it. Keep reaching my generation
as they say. It was awesome!” – Evan R., WI
“Thanks so much for the wonderful paintings. You
are an inspiration. I admire your bold stance,
willingness to listen and do the right thing.” – Ian, IL
“You so totally rock, dude!” – Liz, student WI

“Thanks a lot for coming Shaun, and sharing. Have
pride in knowing you are one of the few people who I
cannot fall asleep to. Both your drawings and
messages inspired me. Thanks.” –Jay B., IL

“I’m sure you have reached a lot of people. You
should come guest speak at our school – we need
help.” – Kelsey Lyons, (camp attendant)

“Thanks a lot for talking, it worked.” – Ryan Wirth

“You’re an awesome speaker! I enjoyed your visit.” –
Mary Jo, Ignacio High school

“Thank you so much. You made the conference
awesome!” – Laura Elliot, IL

“You were so awesome. It’s good to have someone
like you come & talk but work comedy into it. Thanx
so much!!” – Brittany, St Joe, MI

“I just wanted to respond and let you know what a great
assembly you put on, I’m a student at Norwin, and to be
honest, I went in with the intention of sleeping. Your story,
message, and funny jokes not only kept me awake, but I
actually enjoyed it. It is almost impossible to put how much I
liked it in words, but it was just plain awesome. Anyways,
great job with the assembly, you’re a fantastic artist and i
hope to see your presentation again.”
-Ben M, Student, PA

“What can I say? THAT WAS AWESOME! AWESOME!!!!”
-Jeff Parks, CT

“You’re going to think I’m exaggerating, but it’s true: Shaun,
you saved my life!!! I didn’t think there was any hope for
somebody like me and have often considered (and
attempted) suicide. You are my H-E-R-O. If you think about
quitting what you do…don’t. I needed you to show me the
truth that day because no one else could. It’s a gift you have.
It’s been 3 years since that day and I am stronger and wiser
with my whole life ahead of me! (scary) If you didn’t come
speak to us, I would be just another sad statistic. Please
don’t ever quit, Shaun. You are a lighthouse in the storm.”
-Jasmine, MA

“I just wanted to add in how awesome your assembly was on
Friday. I seriously enjoyed it, and understanded so much of
it. You kept my attention longer then any other motivational
speaker we’ve had, and the same goes with all of my friends.
Thank you very much for coming, I had a great time. You are
a wonderful artist too! “Brandyn C> (Student PA)

“The talks and the art were perfect in each of our three
meetings. It made them all a hit.” – Paul, Reno, NV

“Thanks, once again for making our CRT conference
spectacular. The lighthouse was beautiful and symbolic and
then the way you made it come to life with the lightshow at
the end was unbelievable!” -Debbie ACRT, IL

And thats just a few…

Will yours be next? :)

I’ve been busy…

Ok; so here’s a few updates for anyone interested in my wacky world:

1) Most of you know I’m now a daddy… and its AWESOME! Ethan will turn 1yr on Dec 30th, 2013! He is walking everywhere and climbing stairs! (…and over my head whenever I lay down.) Faith and I have struggled with balancing our schedules more as the year got later, but with God’s help, we are making it all work and still moving forward.

2) Chalk wise: I had an incredible year doing work for Navy Pier, Ashton Kutcher and many Media groups (NY, LA, Chicago) I was flying all over and even developed some new ways to seal the works for foot traffic. I will be taking my Artwork indoors in the Spring for MACY’s Flower Show March 25-April 5 in 2014!

3) Audiofeed Festival: In early 2013 I unexpectedly launched out on a new endeavor to start a brand new Christian Music Festival after the demise of my beloved Cornerstone festival in 2012. I had no idea how big this new endeavor would become and just how amazing the experience would be. After only 5 months to make it happen, new friends and partners were formed and 2-3k people attended. We have still not heard a single complaint other than “it wasn’t long enough”! I am so thankful to God for it all. I am now acting as Creative Consultant to Audiofeed.

4) Creative Consulting: This has long been my role in life. It was what I was meant to do. I do it every time I speak for a conference. Besides Afeed fest, I am consulting several companies, guest lecturing at colleges and Universities when I can and helping entrepreneurs establish their presence in the marketplace. I have also made a good friend in Ben Rau this year and will be consulting him in his leadership of The Asylum, a ministry geared toward ministering to Goths, those in various dark arts and witchcraft, and the socially outcast.

5) I will be hosting a new talk show on called “Sagah Brothers Presents” starting Jan 2, 2014. This is a dream I had over 25 years ago finally coming true. Please feel free to come join in the conversation. Signing up for Spreecast is free and allows you to chat with us during the show. I hope you enjoy it!

11/12/13 14:15

It is nearly 2:15pm CST on my 41st birthday…11/12/13! In military terms that is 11/12/13 @14:15. ha! So on top of doing random acts of kindness today, I am announcing the birth of a new product for the Holidays: “Chalk Walkers” for any event or celebration! Perhaps you have seen my artwork displayed on the ground in NYC or Chicago recently. The latest works are now sealed and weatherproof! They are pedestrian friendly so you do not need to rope anything off. Traffic flows directly over the artwork (if they can get around all the people stopping to take photos)! As a bonus I can do them in my studio, deliver them to you whenever you want and (drumroll please)… There is no chalk to clean up after you are done!!! Prices start at only $250 for a work you can keep forever! WOW! Email
for more info today!


Press Release: Prints Available Now!

Finally! After years of looking for the right way to allow my fans easy access to my artwork, I have joined with Fine Art America and You can now look through renderings offered in many sizes and print forms including Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints and much more! Many new and classic renderings will be added in the near future.

Click on the picture below to see the site!

Art Prints

I am excited to also add that you can now get smart phone cases with my artwork through although I’m not sure the first few offerings will be big sellers…. I will be adding some very cool art to the mix in the coming months.

You can also order greeting cards! Great idea to add a touch of you own taste through artistry when sending thanks to special people.

-as if i don’t have enough going on-

This summer,  I will be embarking with many others from the shores of the once great Cornerstone Music Festival (held annually in Bushnell, IL – Until now) to the land of promise… We call it Audiofeed.


Last year Cornerstone Fest shut down. :( Many shed tears were left in the dust and mud of C-Stone and many many shoes as well. (Mostly from Flatfoot 56 shows I think.) But, after big efforts and prayers sent heavenward from around the globe, it just could not be resurrected. This, despite valiant efforts to Occupy Cornerstone 2013. There will be no “Occupy Cornerstone” in 2013. (If you have not taken a moment of silent reverence… Now is the time to do so. I’ll wait… 3..2…1)

Well, kiddies… it’s time to move forward and now we have somewhere to move to! -Audiofeed –
Upon writing this, much is underway, but so much is already happening – and its freaking exciting!!!
I am happy to inform you that many of your favorite Bands and Personalities will be there from the land of Cornerstone!

While all involved are careful to give respect to the legendary CStone (impossible to recreate), the vision here is to learn from it and carry the good into the future. Audiofeed Christian Music Festival 2013 in Champaign, IL is promising to be something truly special:

Nearly 60 bands are already on the roster for three stages! A huge selection of genres are represented ala Cornerstone fashion. Progressive worship, hardcore, blues, punk, rock, folk, indie, Hip hop, goth, metal and more! Christian Music legends Glenn Kaiser, Mike Roe, Steve Hindalong and many many more will help to bring classics to life while new fresh faces and sounds will abound as we take up the call to move into the future!

Dates are July 5-6 officially. It is being held at the Champaign Fairgrounds. Camping and RV sites are avail, but unlike Cstone you have much better facilities and options for hotels and other trappings of civilization.

Unofficially there will be a special service on Sunday the 7th where musicians and artists will join together for worship and everyone is invited to close out the fest with us!

For those in the know – July 4th holds something special hailing back to Mama Linda’s farm. “You dont know? I aint sayin nuthin!” ;)

If you are grieving Cornerstone Festival this year, we are here for you. (Perhaps we should have a special grief counselling tent for those who need more attention?) Audiofeed is on Facebook too so you can find friends and rides or whatever you need. Tickets are now on sale through the website.

A final note: The speaker lineup has me very excited too (not just because I am one of them)! Tobin Bawinkle (of Flatfoot 56) will be speaking and Dougle McMysteron (of Flight of the Mysterons) as well as Glenn Kaiser (of Rez and GKB), Steve Hindalong of the Choir / the Lost Dogs and more!!!

I will be running amuck as Emcee as well as speaking (TBA) and doing live “Chalk Rock” sometime.

Great vendors are lining up too.

I hope to see all my friends (past and present) there for the birthing of a new legend!

Audiofeed Music Festival 2013 Logo

Audiofeed Christian Music Festival – July 5-6, 2013 – Champaign – Urbana, IL

Would you come to my Art Show?

 Gallery Showing - Shaun Hays - Artist

Gallery Showing - Shaun Hays - Artist

I’m always performing art and it limits my ability to express myself in certain settings. Not that I don’t express myself and who I am, it just that I have so many colorful sides of me to express I usually run out of time. I think it’s high time I bring the interested ones together to share in the joy. Don’t you think? Music and cool vibe included. A night to dress up?

I have not yet approached any gallery for this showing. I want to find out if you’d be interested. So please, my friends, take the EASY poll below so I know what you think. When I get 100 answers I will make my decision!