*Please see UPDATE at the end of this post.

2012 is NOT the end of the world. It is the beginning of a whole new life for my wife and I as we are going to become parents! That’s right, Shaun Hays is going to be a DADDY! YAY!!! As most of you know it has been nearly 22 years since I met Faith, my wife when we were but kids ourselves and after so much waiting and asking by so many of you…I’m sure you all but gave up. Well, it is true. We are due in August (about the 25th) and couldn’t be more pleased. We only decided to embark on this grand journey in November (a bit of a birthday gift to me) and since August is Faith’s birthday month it couldn’t be more perfect. I’m sure many of you have questions and are in total shock, but be assured we are not. (OK, maybe a little after all this IS HUGE! Haha!)

Faith is in good health and feeling no sickness at nearly 8 weeks! ( I however seem to have cramping from time to time for her…go figure.) The Dr’s all say everything looks good and although she is older that there should be no need for unnecessary concern. We will appreciate any prayer for her and the bab(y…ies) as the pregnancy comes to term.

We love you all and look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime… anyone need some artwork done or a professional speaker for their next event? I know this guy who’s gonna be a daddy and could use some extra money! haha!


UPDATE January 2012, Re: Baby Announcement

In case you have not heard we lost the baby. :( We are doing fine and have the best support network of family and friends anyone could ever ask for. In fact, it feels that often we are consoling others and helping them look toward the future. Someday a small bundle of joy will at last grace our lives. Until then our chins are up, our faith is strong and our love deep. Thank you all for your kind messages, calls and visits! We are still living life and making the changes necessary to accommodate raising a family. We are active and offering great deals to local schools and other organizations to keep me home as much as possible. Any work or leads is always appreciated! Thank you!