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Shortly my blog will be a part of my website. All official and everything…y. I think it will still be here on wordpress. Meanwhile, if it happens to just disappear, you will know where to go look for it: (This should be easy…right?) haha


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Hair, challenges and learning to laugh.

Yesterday I needed to be in Crystal Lake, IL for a graduation speech. I had wanted my hair toned down a bit because (as some of you know) I am “The Mohawk Motivator” to teenagers so I needed some color and a style for the evening. I had wanted to do it earlier in the week, but my stylist had been ill. Thankfully she was feeling better and came in yesterday. I’m glad she was feeling better, but, I think her medicine was messing with her mind.

I told her how important it was that we hurry and that it was not one of my usual zany presentations to teens. I wanted to look somewhat professional. Well, she decided to go the other direction, completely! While I was engaged in conversation with others in the salon, she whips out a curling iron and starts curling my hair! (I’m a dude in case you don’t know.) The other stylist were looking at us weird and occasionally laughing at me. When I asked what was going on, she said matter-of-factly: “I’m curling your hair.” (Add screatching tire noise here… or a needle on a record getting dragged accross the grooves…whichever is your favorite “NOOOOOOOOOOOOooo!!!!” moment sound.) I asked her if she was kidding because she had spun me around in the chair to hide her antics. Everyone started laughing in the place and after a moment of confusion in my head, I decided they were all in on this and she was kidding me. After all, who would do that to someone with an important presentation to deliver in a few hours? (Apparently, Jani. My stylist.) When she finally spun me around I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked like… well, THIS:

Shaun Hays gets "Punked" by his stylist.

Shaun Hays gets "Punked" by his stylist.

Of course this was not the original expression I saw on my face…not that I was looking at my face. I cannot adequately describe the feelings I had. Mostly shock. Confusion, and sinking feeling were pretty prominent. I turned to her and yelled “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, WOMAN?!?!?!?” But one thing I have learned in life: LAUGH. My funny bone is working just fine… I could have screamed and kicked things demanding “A redo” but everyone was laughing so hard I had to join in. Gotta hand it to Jani, she knows my message and know I like to have fun. I was seriously stressed going in her shop. She helped me live my message yesterday and I shared the whole experience with my audience last night. I promised them I would post the picture… done.

Laughter releases endorphin into our body with helps us feel great, deal with stress and remain healthy. Stress releases cortizol,  a chemical that floods the brain and slows our thinking down making it difficult to do even simple tasks. Next time life is stressing you out, remember your best combatant to the stress and it’s effects: Laughter!

By the way if you can’t find humor in your life, I can give you the number to my stylist! (I think she has some medicine left.)