Working On Trees Again

Working On Trees Again

Cardboard Cutout of Chandelier

This Month has been all about working on trees. First the trees in my brain. The neurons in our brain grow much like trees and look like them as well. Our whole brain is like a giant, forest-like organism where every tree effects the others. Perhaps you know this from studying biology or reading an article on some form of Neuro-science. What you may not know is that we all actively participate in the gardening of this forest by what we decide to focus our thoughts on. If you dwell on the thought of a juicy Steak from Texas Road House, your mind will stimulate certain neurons (already) actively growing in “the forest” sending proteins to nourish them. Those neurons become bigger trees and begin taking a more prominent role in your everyday thought process. This is why marketers put so much money into symbols and jingles that will stimulate your unconscious mind. Every time you think about something (positive or negative) you stimulate further growth, therefore giving it power to influence you further. (This is proven science research and life experience in my case.) Eventually, well… you’re eating more Steak.

I am not trying to make anyone hungry…I’m showing how our brains work and how you can make it work for you. Train it to think what you want it to think and eventually: IT JUST WILL. You wont have to struggle to be positive, healthy or successful (at whatever). Not like you struggle now. There are good networks of trees and very toxic networks of trees in your brain.

February was all about getting back to my healthy “roots” and stimulating growth in the best areas for improvement. I did this by remembering where I was 5 years ago and retracing the steps I took to become the man I am. I stimulated… and gave growth (fertilizer) to the networks of positive and freeing thoughts in my brain. I suddenly remembered why I did it all: for today! I knew the day would come when I would let myself down and get off track, so I built a network of thoughts as a safety net to keep my mind from failing again. Think about it as positive visualization. Only I didn’t imagine myself doing everything perfectly over and over, no, I imagined myself overcoming the very worst of obstacles and still thriving. I dont believe in perfection… I believe in continual improvement. I am now reinforcing my ability to cope with challenges and therefore improving my forward progress.

And then there are other trees… The forest I have been nurturing outside of myself… the forest of people and business connections.

I started a few new things this last year that need improving. Some may need trimming!

My speaking took a big upswing this last year in all areas and I finally began speaking “my way” and may I just say: I’m getting precisely the results I always wanted. (Pats himself on back: “Attaboy!”) Chalk is always proceeding into new and wonderful places and that requires dedication to my art… insert unneeded long story about the struggles of an artist here. lol. Sagah Brothers Webisodes is a dream come true but with many improvements needed. I am happy that we began, but I need more time put into it to make it really great. It will be great. Also, I raced forward to strike when the iron was hot and the opportunity was presented to start a new Christian Music festival in lieu of the now Defunct Cornerstone Music Festival. Audiofeed Music Festival had its first go this past July 4th weekend and was received very well. We did not have time to clarify many roles, but now I am acting as Creative Consultant to the fest. Among the responsibilities of that is giving the fest a look and feel that fits the new attendees and “old” Cornerstone family. There is no budget for this but it is vital that this festival not take on characteristics of other (Christian) “Main Stream” Music Festivals. Visually, it needs to stand apart. I first began with the most obviously different looking group involved: The Asylum. Asylum Ministries was known at Cornerstone for drawing all generations to their tent that are into “dark” elements of music, fashion, entertainment and even spirituality.  This was the best place for deep into the night/morning conversations about life, God, Scifi or music as they offered a judgement free environment complete with free coffee! It was an obvious pick to help establish Audiofeed as an underground festival. So what does this have to do with trees? 

Looking for a way to improve the look and feel of the ASYLUM I came up with an ongoing three fold idea for the Festival centered around cardboard (of all things). Cardboard is so versatile and accessible it can be re-purposed for almost anything.We will be using it as a grassroots theme. By the time its done attendees will have helped to make this one of the most unforgettable events ever! We are calling for people to come dressed in cardboard armor for Box Wars during a Punk concert. Make art or instruments and other useful items as springboards into conversation. For the Asylum, we are inviting all to join us in making masks, costumes and decor for the” MasquerAud Ball” (which will hopefully be the first in a series of annual “AudBalls”) all out of Cardboard!  To give you an idea of our look for it, refer to the picture on this post. It is cardboard cut into an very elegant and maybe even creepy Chandelier, painted black. Just a wee taste. We will also be incorporating a positive message(or messages)  into the trees we put outside the perimeter of the Asylum tent.

Go to for more info and to get your tickets to Audiofeed Fest 2014!


I used Dr Caroline Leaf‘s Book: “Who Switched Off My Brain?” as reference for my own journey.


Hope and Darkness

I have lived tragedy. I do not need Macbeth’s words, any great author, movie or song to give me insight. I have grieved harder over life than I would wish on anyone. I have longed for death to “come and obliterate me from this nightmare some refer to as life”…but much has changed.

I’d like to tell you how, but it may take a while. After all, I am a storyteller. I come from a long line of storytellers. I was born to tell the tales… Both good and evil… Of desperation and triumph… Of loss and hope. This is a tale of hope. Hope…that one day will turn to triumph despite the loss. Triumph despite the desperation and seeming evil of our day. I ask you, the reader, to bear with me as I search for the words to tell this tale. Forgive my shortcomings if I have not achieved the height of my art. Allow yourself to dive headlong into my tale that you may make up for my limitations…and join with me in the telling of a story so fantastic…I fear to utter the first word.

Chapter 1

Hope. The word once carried power in our world. It used to be real. it used to be potent and…dare i say, tangible. Battles were won over impossible odds just because hope was in the hearts of the victors. It propelled men and women to do nearly magical things. Hope made good men great and peaceful nations guardians. Hope was a force that spread light into the darkest corners of earth where there was nothing left but ruins, decay, chaos and disease. It was palpable at one time. If you had been there in that time, you would have felt your heart well up with energy and strength within you instead of failing with fear and cowardice like we often do these days. No. In those days, you knew you had the power of good on your side and…maybe even more significant: you knew what was right. You knew what to do…without fearing that you would fail.

Then came the change. The music of life that once built courage into the heart of mankind seemingly slowed, then darkened, then turned ominous. Hope began to fade and fear began to fill the hearts of all men everywhere. It was as if we were forced to walk down a dark hall of an abandoned house that our hearts told us not to enter. We stepped ever closer to the door at the end of that hall, reaching out with a trembling hand and breath so cold it fogged our vision. We knew we would soon face our terrifying nightmares…and, for whatever reason…there was nothing we could do to change that. Our number had been called and we abandoned all hope.

I was born into a hopeless world on a cold November night in 1972. That was the first time I felt the biting wind of darkness. It would not be the last. My enemy had laid plans for my demise long before I arrived and hid among the blankets like a poison spider.

(Would you like to read more? Please let me know by liking or commenting on Facebook or on my blog! I want to continue writing this story based on my life, but it may take me years unless I change things. I would like to hear your thoughts about this sample. It may encourage me to put more effort into it. – Thank you in advance!)