Rare T.V. Appearance- Shaun Hays on Dr. Leaf

Hello everyone! 

I will be updating everyone on my state of physical health soon!  (Summer 2015 heart/kidney issues…. October diagnosis of Stage III CKD etc.) in the meantime, I have some awesome stuff to share…

First, I am going to be on television and I want you to tune in and check it out please. 

I just received this email from Mac over at Dr. Caroline Leaf’s show on TBN:

“Hi Shaun,

Episode 1 of the new season of ‘Switch on Your Brain’ focused on mental/mind health is scheduled to air on TBN on Wednesday, January 27 at 3:30 pm Pacific time5.30pm CT and 6.30pm EST

Your contribution will be featured on Episode 2 on February 3rd …. same times.

If you are unable to watch it on your TV, you can watch it online (see: http://www.tbn.org/watch-us/mobile-viewing) or we can send you a link to the replays on ITBN.

Dr Leaf wishes to thank you for your contribution to helping make this series ‘life changing’ for many people. She would like to send you a gift. Please advise a shipping address.



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