Baby News and End Of Year Updates 2012

ETHAN ALEXANDER HAYS was born today; Dec 30th, 2012 at 12:17am.

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Ethan Weighed 9 lbs 4 oz

Length was 21.5 inches

When the pediatrician came to visit the nursery he said “Who’s the Moose?” He’s big.

Baby Ethan Hays Picture

Ethan Alexander Hays 1/2 hour old. (c) 2012

Family pic

Shaun introduces his son to his wife Faith for the first time. (c) 2012


This is the ongoing post as it stood before Ethan was born on Sunday December 30th, 2012:

Latest News:  Ethan’s birthday (should be) December 28th 2012!!   

WHOOPS Gotta change this again…….. i’ll let you read through the lines if you missed the last update. Otherwise read the paragraph in green below it. And more news in Black below that as of: NOON Saturday.

Faith has been to the Dr a few more times and all is looking wonderful. She will be induced just after midnight (1am) on Friday morning. Baby Ethan should be making his appearance (hopefully) soon after. I will update this post again with any and all news.

**OK so here’s the latest: We checked in last night to be induced (technically; 1am this morning Friday Dec 28th).  We expected that Faith would be put on Pitosyn (sp?) right away but she was put on a different medicine to get her ready. We were then told that she would need to be on that for 12 hours before the real inducing can begin. So…tag 12 hours on what we expected. I was able to sleep from 3-8, but then found out Faith slept only 1/2 hour all night. I felt really bad for her. She said she was just fine and she did sleep during the day yesterday preparing to labor in the wee hours of the morning. She has now had some food and is sleeping peacefully. We still fully expect to see Ethan sometime today… but most likely it will be tonight.

OK… as of 9:45 pm Friday the 28th Here’s the latest…

 Her contractions have been less than a minute apart for quite a while. However her body is NOT fully ready, so they are taking her Pitosyn down from 30 to like 6 or something and letting her get some sleep. When they start the Pitosyn again it should kick start everything and well, Birth. (Geeze I’m tired lol) Faith has not been in pain even when she’s had big contractions. Faith  is in great spirits. She was up and walking around making the nurses laugh and even Skyping with her mom and sisters. She has a sniffle and a slight cough, so a little prayer is needed. We have requested something from the Dr. for that.  She will take an Ambien to help her sleep tonight. I will definitely be back on FB and Twitter (and phone and text) once we have let Faith get some rest. Love and Hugs to you All.  Now go make an “Ethan Heart” art project here. I don’t care if you don’t have TIME FOR IT….. just DO IT!!! (I’m saying this as cute as I can: PLEASE??? :))

NEWS FLASH! – Dr. Broke her water and we are in the swing of things now. Shouldn’t be extremely long but I will be sure to update any BIG NEWS as soon as I get it and am available to do so! HUGS TO YOU ALL!

More updates to come…

EthanMeanwhile, when I have spare moments I will bring anyone interested up to speed on the exciting (sometimes frightful) year we’ve had:

Highlights of this year in no particular order: Expecting Baby Ethan of course! Baby shower(s) with friends and family. Moving back to Aurora. We spent a week in Florida near Palm Beach in the Spring. I did several new 3D chalk concepts including the World’s first 3D QR Code illusion. I was the first 3D chalk artist to do work at the famous McCormack Place in Chicago. My speeches this year were at a whole new level than in all my previous year combined and that has me looking forward to 2013. There were times I wished I could go home from being on the road too much and times of praying that I would get more work. I met many new friends in several states and gained some new “sisters and Brothers” when the opportunity presented itself. Faith has been wonderful and is going to make a great mommy. I’m “All Systems Go” for daddy time. I’m letting my youngest niece and nephew teach me some much needed songs and TV skills. I’ve done plenty of diapers, wiped boogies and cleaned up from other fluids over the years with other babies. Let’s get this show on the road.

I really planned on writing all about the craziness of each event and trip… the family challenges and changes… the people that impacted us the most throughout the year and ridiculous humorous moments, but honestly I just don’t feel like that. I just want to be alone with my thoughts and prayers. I am reflecting on the world my son will soon be a part of. The big picture and the little things that are most important. I have always wanted to impact the world in a positive way (even if it is just in small ways)… now my mind is simply flooded with the reality that my son will need to do the same. He will need to know the importance of belief and dedication, love and trust, family and caring for others as well as his health. No, this hasn’t just now hit me… I’ve always considered what legacy I might be leaving for the next generation…my children or others. It’s just that in the last few months my mind has become quite calm and introspective in the face of a huge task ahead of me. I have waited for this day for a very long time. I suppose those of you closest to us already know much of the burden I carry and the depth of my thoughts towards all those around me. Know that I appreciate your role in my life and in Faith’s life, no mater how big or little the role may be. Thank you for your concern and prayers. We love you all very much – even if we have not had the ability to express it to you. Hugs and warm thoughts!

Shaun, Faith, Dugan (Doo-gun, the dog) and COMING SOON: Baby Ethan Alexander Hays!


I will be updating this post with more details quickly!


Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ, is offering his entire private collection of originals to the public!
Here’s Shaun:

Hi everyone. As many of you know I have been very private with my collection of original art over the years. Sure, I do much of my work in the spotlight but my “studio works” are the finest quality and some have been withheld from anyone seeing them until now. They are truly special for several reasons, but I will get to that shortly. Right now, I want to explain the urgency of doing it now.

My son, Ethan Alexander Hays is coming. His due date is January 4th but the Dr is going to induce on the 28th of December. While my wife Faith and I have done what we can to make this home a warm and welcome place, his arrival has motivated me to do something I was not sure I would ever do: Make all my remaining collection available for purchase. All the proceeds for these works will go directly to Ethan in the following ways:

10% to our local ministry – we do this with all income regardless
50% to Ethan’s Investment Accounts – College Fund, Savings, etc.
40% to be used for ongoing expenses (Ethan’s direct needs only)

I feel this is right and necessary. If you have ever thought of buying one of my works or you are looking for a gift that is truly going to have someone special amazed. Please know that the value on my work continues to increase every year. This last year I sold a work in Chicago for nearly $6000.00! Compare that to selling two of my most special works for only $400.00 ten years ago. That’s a huge increase. (BTW I have regained one of those pieces and will be selling it for a more appropriate value this month.)

Many well known artists have had instructions from me and some of my works have been a direct result of my consultations with those artists. There is something special that happens when you are with another creative talent. Other works were directly inspired by my experiences of painful loss and beautiful hope in life. Often the ones I cherish are represented in these works. Those who have been pillars of strength in the tumultuous world of my youth are represented by various lighthouses. My wife Faith is represented in many works by the moon (which often appears even in daylight scenes) because I miss her dearly when I am apart from her. For every work, there is a deep and often hidden meaning of hope embedded in the colorful chalk. I believe that every work carries with it the hope and prayer from my heart to it’s intended recipient. If a picture was meant for you…you will know it. I love to talk to the owners of my work about the struggle to birth that piece and how it differs from any other work I have done. If these pieces do not speak to you, they were not meant for you. Perhaps it is for another time in your life.”


I realize that my audience varies widely from youth to retiring CEO’s etc. so I’m making my Original Collection accessible to all. Here’s how:

Collection 1; for the art collectors, dealers, enthusiasts *Priced from 2k – 10k US

Collection 2; for the fans who want to the rights to say “Original” or “One-Off” *Priced from $500 – $1500 US

Collection 3; for those on a smaller budget who wish to take advantage of this first time ever opportunity to own my original, hand-signed work. *Priced from $75 – $300 US

There will be a minimum shipping and handling fee of $25

When I have uncovered more works I will post the pictures here. Until then: Here are a few to choose from.
When you decide on a piece or have questions regarding it, and call 1 (312) 233-2620 or email me: . Also: please visit

From Collection 1:

Gallery Showing - Shaun Hays - Artist

Gallery Showing – Shaun Hays – Artist

From Collection 2:

Pic not avail currently – please see posts on FB

From collection 3:

Several pieces have sold on FB stay tuned for more…