A new guitar (and a new brain) for my Birthday!!!

 I just turned 42.

So… I have an acoustic Guitar now. Birthday present. But, I have never owned one and that begs the question: WHY NOW, SHAUN?

Well, other than my continual interest in Music on all levels, my constant reworking of musical pieces on various digital and analogue platforms and my participation in several bands as (bad) drummer, vocalist, Bassist… I have danced completely around the prospect of learning the Guitar in a disciplined manner. Sure, as a creative I have picked them up and toyed with a solo or a couple things that sounded good to me, but never to the point of making it a part of my proficiency. With the advent of Garage band for my iPad mini, all that changed. As I began to strum and select various keys and rhythms to capture mood for an arrangement  and soon discovered my love of soloing over those patterns with great expression. I even began to write songs note by note in real-time to push myself and see if I couldn’t make something that moves the soul. Maybe something could replace my soundtracks for live artwork?! – And then there was this video. Done deal. No more holding back.

My new acoustic guitar. Not bad for a beginner guitar.

My new acoustic guitar. Not bad for a beginner guitar.