11/12/13 14:15

It is nearly 2:15pm CST on my 41st birthday…11/12/13! In military terms that is 11/12/13 @14:15. ha! So on top of doing random acts of kindness today, I am announcing the birth of a new product for the Holidays: “Chalk Walkers” for any event or celebration! Perhaps you have seen my artwork displayed on the ground in NYC or Chicago recently. The latest works are now sealed and weatherproof! They are pedestrian friendly so you do not need to rope anything off. Traffic flows directly over the artwork (if they can get around all the people stopping to take photos)! As a bonus I can do them in my studio, deliver them to you whenever you want and (drumroll please)… There is no chalk to clean up after you are done!!! Prices start at only $250 for a work you can keep forever! WOW! Email chalkchamp@shaunhays.com
for more info today!