Macy’s Flower Show 3D Art


This week I will be doing a very large, detailed 3D chalk art installment at Chicago’s Macy’s on State Street. (Marshall Fields Building) I am. Inviting the public to come watch me draw, get pictures and enjoy the many things to see and do during the Flower-show. This event is free! So come join me from 11-3 all week (THIS WEEK) and on Saturday while I draw.

For the following week, it will be open for photo – ops, so you can still see it live and get your picture interacting with the illusion! I may pop in for a bit sometime that following week, but no idea when. If you wish to catch me come out right away!

I will also be on the WGN Morning Show (Chicago’s Very Own) on Wednesday during the “Around Town” segment. Tune in or set your DVR to see that… I will be doing something special in chalk for them as well as promoting my services and the Flower show!

My fans are really encouraging people and I appreciate your favorites, likes, posts, shares and tweets! You are helping! – Shaun