I’ve been busy…

Ok; so here’s a few updates for anyone interested in my wacky world:

1) Most of you know I’m now a daddy… and its AWESOME! Ethan will turn 1yr on Dec 30th, 2013! He is walking everywhere and climbing stairs! (…and over my head whenever I lay down.) Faith and I have struggled with balancing our schedules more as the year got later, but with God’s help, we are making it all work and still moving forward.

2) Chalk wise: I had an incredible year doing work for Navy Pier, Ashton Kutcher and many Media groups (NY, LA, Chicago) I was flying all over and even developed some new ways to seal the works for foot traffic. I will be taking my Artwork indoors in the Spring for MACY’s Flower Show March 25-April 5 in 2014!

3) Audiofeed Festival: In early 2013 I unexpectedly launched out on a new endeavor to start a brand new Christian Music Festival after the demise of my beloved Cornerstone festival in 2012. I had no idea how big this new endeavor would become and just how amazing the experience would be. After only 5 months to make it happen, new friends and partners were formed and 2-3k people attended. We have still not heard a single complaint other than “it wasn’t long enough”! I am so thankful to God for it all. I am now acting as Creative Consultant to Audiofeed.

4) Creative Consulting: This has long been my role in life. It was what I was meant to do. I do it every time I speak for a conference. Besides Afeed fest, I am consulting several companies, guest lecturing at colleges and Universities when I can and helping entrepreneurs establish their presence in the marketplace. I have also made a good friend in Ben Rau this year and will be consulting him in his leadership of The Asylum, a ministry geared toward ministering to Goths, those in various dark arts and witchcraft, and the socially outcast.

5) I will be hosting a new talk show on Spreecast.com called “Sagah Brothers Presents” starting Jan 2, 2014. This is a dream I had over 25 years ago finally coming true. Please feel free to come join in the conversation. Signing up for Spreecast is free and allows you to chat with us during the show. I hope you enjoy it!