MCS 2011 Street Commercial

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For about 7 years the Warehouse Church in Aurora, IL have been holding an event called Motorcycle Sunday. They meet in a park and hundreds of bikers come from all over. They have a stage with 4-5 bands playing Christian Rock and Blues (Glenn Kaiser, FOG, Cruise Machine, and more), vendors selling merchandise (Helmets, guitars, pin-striping, great food),  and others advertising their services (tattoos, Chiropractic, Bike repair, etc).

I have been a friend of head pastor Randy Schoof for many years and have respected his ministry and outreach across the Fox Valley region as well as America.  He is solid and loving.

This year I offered my services to be a new addition to MCS doing a “Street Commercial” for their entertainment and for some ministry to passersby. I think it was a hit. I met many new faces and talked with great people from all over the area. I met some crazy guys and gals in leather from head to toe (as you would expect at a motorcycle rally), several local police who jokingly said they were citing me for defacing public property, and a whole lot of families (I couldn’t tell if they had accidentally ended up in the rally of if they came on purpose!) that were really captured by what I was doing.

Can’t wait to do it again.