Press Release: Prints Available Now!

Finally! After years of looking for the right way to allow my fans easy access to my artwork, I have joined with Fine Art America and You can now look through renderings offered in many sizes and print forms including Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints and much more! Many new and classic renderings will be added in the near future.

Click on the picture below to see the site!

Art Prints

I am excited to also add that you can now get smart phone cases with my artwork through although I’m not sure the first few offerings will be big sellers…. I will be adding some very cool art to the mix in the coming months.

You can also order greeting cards! Great idea to add a touch of you own taste through artistry when sending thanks to special people.

Jobs movie chalk art promos in NYC

This week I am in NYC again! This time, to promote the new Ashton Kutcher movie: “Jobs”. It is the story of Steve Jobs, creator of the Apple computer. Most of us cannot live without our iProducts like the iPhone or iPad. (I’m blogging from my iPad mini right now). I think whatever our opinion of him as a person, he definitely shaped our world and there are great lessons to be learned from his life.

I am proud to be the artist chosen to draw his image in chalk for promotions all over Manhattan.

Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ drawing in SOHO, Manhattan, NY – (cc) 2013

Update: my technique for sealing the works and causing no disruption in pedestrian traffic is gaining popularity! I now offer 2D and 3D works done offsite if needed, then delivered and adhered in less than 5 minutes to practically any surface. Perfect for busy sidewalks and commuter stations.

NEW IN 2013: I can now seal the works to last outdoors in wet weather!
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