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Please Note: www.shaunhays.com is now www.chalkchamp.com please, visit us there for exciting news, updates, calendar of events and pictures of Shaun’s amazing ART!

Hello and welcome to my official Blog. (old as of 2015)

“Official” sounds so…official, but don’t be misled; I’m using this as an informal and fluid thought-canvas of communications. That’s right, I just throw a random thought onto the canvas, once in a while, and maybe something brilliant will happen. Call it modern art or call it a mess, I call it honest. I’m a creative guy who needs outlets and this is one of them. Sure I have some well thought out things and will try to increase the delivery of such articles, but don’t hold your breath very long. This, much like all my art, gets messy before you finally see the wonder of it all… just like our lives.

Thanks for checking out my posts here and (hopefully) having fun while here. Please let me know if anything on this site has helped you in any way and feel free to comment. I’m including my art, motivating information I think will help you, humorous stories and links to interesting sites. Please also visit my main website for info on speaking presentations and art performances including large 3D Chalk Art.

– Shaun

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