Would you come to my Art Show?

 Gallery Showing - Shaun Hays - Artist

Gallery Showing - Shaun Hays - Artist

I’m always performing art and it limits my ability to express myself in certain settings. Not that I don’t express myself and who I am, it just that I have so many colorful sides of me to express I usually run out of time. I think it’s high time I bring the interested ones together to share in the joy. Don’t you think? Music and cool vibe included. A night to dress up?

I have not yet approached any gallery for this showing. I want to find out if you’d be interested. So please, my friends, take the EASY poll below so I know what you think. When I get 100 answers I will make my decision!


Stolen Dreams Art – By Shaun Hays

I should tell you that I love our teachers and all those involved in educating our young people all across America and the globe. It is a thankless job most of the time and we all too often hamstring them with policies made in another century for the industrial age. The purpose of “Public Education” as it was designed in the early 20th century was to produce an army of submissive factory workers who would respond to bells and repetition. Workers needed to walk in single file lines and focus on menial tasks without understanding their role or asking “useless questions” of management. Mass production was the new way and so we mass produced our workers in order to be a competitive nation. Lucky ones…the gifted few…who had intelligences our country needed in other areas may have escaped to higher educational systems for a while, but soon even our higher education was mutinied upon by industrialists.  This may have been fine for a short time frame, but the times have indeed changed. There is no urgent need for factory workers, yet our systems have not been sufficiently challenged. We need reform. We need to be intelligent enough to at least discuss it.            No matter where you stand, join the education reform conversation!What's The Problem? - by Shaun Hays

Concept for the first installment of "Stolen Dreams", a collection by artist Shaun Hays to inspire reform conversation in public education.


Please go to: http://www.squidoo.com/stop-stealing-dreams to find and read Seth Godin’s Manifesto. No matter where you stand, join the education reform conversation!