Back home! Hey de heeeeyyy! Baby dont ya wanna go… Back to that same old place… Sweet home Chicago!

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Whoa! I almost died…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this. Really: I drowned when I was four yrs old and it seems death hasn’t stopped chasing me since they brought me back! (Car crashes, death-defying spills on skateboards/Snowboards/motorcycles, sicknesses, suicidal bouts… whatever!) Maybe it’s all in my head, but It looks like I just dodged another one.

In February I did an anamorphic drawing for Aquascapes Inc. and the day after I finished the roof collapsed! Wow! While my heart goes out to everyone there for the headache their going through (still not allowed into their buildings etc.) I am thankful that no one was there. (If you knew how many people are in and out of their facilities everyday you would understand this is a total miracle! Thank you God for sparing everyone… and my life yet again!

I just hope none of my future events get paranoid and cancel! :)

Several New Books For 2011-2012

In case you’re wondering where all my old books have gone: I’m re-releasing several titles this month and adding several newer titles as well. WOW! It’s a busy month for me. Between travelling, speeches, writing and doing interviews, I hardly have time to play with Dugan. Poor lil fella! ;) We have not posted the new e store for yet.

These titles will be released this month:

(“The Making of An Unshakable Character: vol 4”,  “The Burning Heart”, “The Power Of Small Successes”)

“Everything I Wished…”,”Tough Guy”, “Alive!” DVD series etc. will be re-released at a later date.

Some old books of mine.

ebooks from old website


2011-2012 school calendars are in the works as well, but no printer has been chosen nor prices set. please email me if you want to pre-order one, or see an example page!


*Please don’t worry about Dugan… He’s fine and spoiled by everyone! (Especially grandma and grandpa!)

Severna Park High School, MD

If you are looking for the site set up for Severna Park High school students by Shaun Hays as follow-up to his presentations sponsored by S.T.A.R., please click here.

There was a typo and we’re not sure if we can fix the site: here’s what happened…

The info given was:  –  the address is . We are correcting this and other issues as the website is undergoing transformations. Shaun wants to thank you for your patience.