Taking Baby Home

After 5-6 days at the Hospital we are finally getting discharged to go home! Dugan is freaking out! haha Quick note to all the people who helped out with Dugan duties, watching the house, bringing food, clothes, Coffee and especially keeping watch in prayer through some very difficult nights: May  you be blessed in return with the greatest year of your life in 2013! I pray that God will grant you answers to your most pressing needs and favor with those most able to advance you. You are amazing. We love our friends and family near and far. To our Facebook and Twitter connections, you are most appreciated for spreading the word, your beautiful comments and advice. Ethan is surrounded by thoughts and prayer from around the world and I think that is such a moving thought. It makes me stop and ponder his impact. The first “book” I wrote was called “ONE DROP…can change the world” referring to the idea of a drop of water  whose ripples spread out to the far reaches of the a large pond. We heard from some of our friends from “across the pond” during this event and it reminded me of our impact on each other near or far. It would be my greatest privilege to tell Ethan as he grows into a man that he has always had people praying for him around the world. We need great leaders in our world…leaders of character and conviction…truly educated…able to handle great difficulties with fortitude. We need them in every arena in life. If you sincerely pray, please consider praying for Ethan and his parents (Faith and Shaun Hays). We are so struck by his presence and hope you will all understand what we mean someday very soon. We love you and ask for a few days to settle in at home. Please feel free send messages in any form or call if you have our numbers – no matter your relationship. It great hearing from you all. Please do not drop by the house unannounced or pressure Faith for a visit until she is settled and all her family has had their fair share. If you want to ask just message us or call me, but don’t be surprised if I turn you down or delay it for a bit, ok? Thanks!

Here’s a new pic:IMG_0381