Live near Kewannee, IL??? Come out AUGUST 1, 2015

Shaun Hays - Chicago Chalk Champ - at Zion Lutheran Summer Celebration 2015 - Kewannee, IL

Shaun Hays – Chicago Chalk Champ – at Zion Lutheran Summer Celebration 2015 – Kewannee, IL

I will be handing out awards after judging YOUR artwork!!! Come make it awesome!! Need Chalk? I’ll have Champ Sticks there!

Huge Sale – and why I’m doing it.

In honor of my wife, Faith:

I am putting ALL MY STUDIO ART 75% OFF until NOV 1, 2014!!!

Today is my wife’s birthday. She is turning 40 and proud of it! She has asked me one thing. For money (surprise, right fellas?) – seriously though, she is talking about money for a house down-payment. I am seizing an opportunity to change the life of my family. We can begin to build up some things that should have happened long ago with our home, finances and business but I need to raise funds for that to happen and you benefit from my need. I am ready to part with the chalk art works I have held back from the public for many years. Some have special meaning to me, others are just too good to let go for less than $1000.00 and since my name is becoming well-known, it isn’t unlikely that my art will be pulling larger and larger prices soon. I need to give my wife something from the heart and not just a gift bought in the store.

big_sale Shaun Hays Chalk Art 2014

big_sale Shaun Hays Chalk Art 2014

Originally, I was going to do this for ONE WEEKEND ONLY. Buuuuut…

(Sappy love sick story area you can skip if you feel nauseous)

I have painted billboard signs with graffiti, filled her car with balloons, candlelit dinners on rooftops, had favorite artists serenade her, hand made chocolate dipped pretzels/strawberries/etc., love note treasure hunt, Buried treasure (seriously it was her engagement ring!), baked, cooked, sculpted, painted, chalked, horse-drawn carriage rides, sang, wrote and recited poetry, massaged, recorded, blown up (fire works), sand art, BMW, ipad, breakfast in bed, invisible black-light messages, hotels, 3D illusion candle sculptures, theme parties, clothes from around the country and the UK, Custom shop Flower arrangements, WILD flower arrangements (hand picked by me), and about a billion other things I came up with too tedious or strange to mention here. It really does get difficult to raise the bar and maybe I have failed at raising it some years, but if I dont try… well I fail for sure. right?

I was going to put my art on sale a few weekends ago (only for that weekend) but I needed a way to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

Steve Hindelong of The Choir wrote a song about doing anything it takes for his little girl when she was born. The line “Set my guitar on fire with a long stemmed match” always got to me. It’s about sacrificing your art for the one you love. I once sat down and wept when I lost a folder of my created art to mold. Its meaningful and a part of you. It is hard to let go. But as the song says: “I WOULD DO ANYTHING”.

This is the only real thing I can think to do that will serve the purpose this year. It’s a BIG SALE for a BIG BIRTHDAY for a really BIG REASON.

I understand if you don’t care about my artwork, my dreams, or the house we need to get into…seriously. Please, for her sake, consider purchasing a piece from me for this reason… you love her and want to show her that our house will be a miracle house. I promise you will get more than you paid for.

I have offered pieces for sale online before… it cannot be 75% off of those sale prices. I couldnt even mail them to you for that. I will begin listing them aggressively on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6, 2014 until then, if you like one of them and want it, please tell me via FB or email I will be taking VISA, MC, Discover immediately. Thank you!  -TO SEE THE WORKS OF ART BEING SOLD-

Huge Blessings and grace to you! -Shaun A. Hays

Press Release: Prints Available Now!

Finally! After years of looking for the right way to allow my fans easy access to my artwork, I have joined with Fine Art America and You can now look through renderings offered in many sizes and print forms including Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints and much more! Many new and classic renderings will be added in the near future.

Click on the picture below to see the site!

Art Prints

I am excited to also add that you can now get smart phone cases with my artwork through although I’m not sure the first few offerings will be big sellers…. I will be adding some very cool art to the mix in the coming months.

You can also order greeting cards! Great idea to add a touch of you own taste through artistry when sending thanks to special people.

Jobs movie chalk art promos in NYC

This week I am in NYC again! This time, to promote the new Ashton Kutcher movie: “Jobs”. It is the story of Steve Jobs, creator of the Apple computer. Most of us cannot live without our iProducts like the iPhone or iPad. (I’m blogging from my iPad mini right now). I think whatever our opinion of him as a person, he definitely shaped our world and there are great lessons to be learned from his life.

I am proud to be the artist chosen to draw his image in chalk for promotions all over Manhattan.

Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ drawing in SOHO, Manhattan, NY – (cc) 2013

Update: my technique for sealing the works and causing no disruption in pedestrian traffic is gaining popularity! I now offer 2D and 3D works done offsite if needed, then delivered and adhered in less than 5 minutes to practically any surface. Perfect for busy sidewalks and commuter stations.

NEW IN 2013: I can now seal the works to last outdoors in wet weather!
contact me here!

Would you come to my Art Show?

 Gallery Showing - Shaun Hays - Artist

Gallery Showing - Shaun Hays - Artist

I’m always performing art and it limits my ability to express myself in certain settings. Not that I don’t express myself and who I am, it just that I have so many colorful sides of me to express I usually run out of time. I think it’s high time I bring the interested ones together to share in the joy. Don’t you think? Music and cool vibe included. A night to dress up?

I have not yet approached any gallery for this showing. I want to find out if you’d be interested. So please, my friends, take the EASY poll below so I know what you think. When I get 100 answers I will make my decision!


MCS 2011 Street Commercial

Create your own video slideshow at

For about 7 years the Warehouse Church in Aurora, IL have been holding an event called Motorcycle Sunday. They meet in a park and hundreds of bikers come from all over. They have a stage with 4-5 bands playing Christian Rock and Blues (Glenn Kaiser, FOG, Cruise Machine, and more), vendors selling merchandise (Helmets, guitars, pin-striping, great food),  and others advertising their services (tattoos, Chiropractic, Bike repair, etc).

I have been a friend of head pastor Randy Schoof for many years and have respected his ministry and outreach across the Fox Valley region as well as America.  He is solid and loving.

This year I offered my services to be a new addition to MCS doing a “Street Commercial” for their entertainment and for some ministry to passersby. I think it was a hit. I met many new faces and talked with great people from all over the area. I met some crazy guys and gals in leather from head to toe (as you would expect at a motorcycle rally), several local police who jokingly said they were citing me for defacing public property, and a whole lot of families (I couldn’t tell if they had accidentally ended up in the rally of if they came on purpose!) that were really captured by what I was doing.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Use of my ideas and artwork / copywrites

Most of you know I do chalk art, but did you know I do Logos, photography,  CG, tattoo renderings and all kinds of traditional art forms? Have you ever wanted to use my art for something but didn’t know how to go about it legally?

Here’s how: Look at the license agreement I have for most of my artwork. I will gladly share my art with anyone who isn’t trying to rip me off and act like my ideas are theirs. I have been burned many times before by “fake” artists or artists with a creative block. Sometimes I do need to ask for a price on what I do for you, (depending on the agreement) but I still want to share my gift and if you ask nicely I may even let you use my works for profit like many other artists have over the last decade. I have taught many Chalk Artists and consulted for hundreds of individuals who were looking for some creative input. I don’t want to sound egotistical or anything but I am known as “an idea machine”. Let me help you! Just contact me before I have to sic the legal dogs on ya!