-as if i don’t have enough going on-

This summer,  I will be embarking with many others from the shores of the once great Cornerstone Music Festival (held annually in Bushnell, IL – Until now) to the land of promise… We call it Audiofeed.


Last year Cornerstone Fest shut down. :( Many shed tears were left in the dust and mud of C-Stone and many many shoes as well. (Mostly from Flatfoot 56 shows I think.) But, after big efforts and prayers sent heavenward from around the globe, it just could not be resurrected. This, despite valiant efforts to Occupy Cornerstone 2013. There will be no “Occupy Cornerstone” in 2013. (If you have not taken a moment of silent reverence… Now is the time to do so. I’ll wait… 3..2…1)

Well, kiddies… it’s time to move forward and now we have somewhere to move to! -Audiofeed –
Upon writing this, much is underway, but so much is already happening – and its freaking exciting!!!
I am happy to inform you that many of your favorite Bands and Personalities will be there from the land of Cornerstone!

While all involved are careful to give respect to the legendary CStone (impossible to recreate), the vision here is to learn from it and carry the good into the future. Audiofeed Christian Music Festival 2013 in Champaign, IL is promising to be something truly special:

Nearly 60 bands are already on the roster for three stages! A huge selection of genres are represented ala Cornerstone fashion. Progressive worship, hardcore, blues, punk, rock, folk, indie, Hip hop, goth, metal and more! Christian Music legends Glenn Kaiser, Mike Roe, Steve Hindalong and many many more will help to bring classics to life while new fresh faces and sounds will abound as we take up the call to move into the future!

Dates are July 5-6 officially. It is being held at the Champaign Fairgrounds. Camping and RV sites are avail, but unlike Cstone you have much better facilities and options for hotels and other trappings of civilization.

Unofficially there will be a special service on Sunday the 7th where musicians and artists will join together for worship and everyone is invited to close out the fest with us!

For those in the know – July 4th holds something special hailing back to Mama Linda’s farm. “You dont know? I aint sayin nuthin!” ;)

If you are grieving Cornerstone Festival this year, we are here for you. (Perhaps we should have a special grief counselling tent for those who need more attention?) Audiofeed is on Facebook too so you can find friends and rides or whatever you need. Tickets are now on sale through the website.

A final note: The speaker lineup has me very excited too (not just because I am one of them)! Tobin Bawinkle (of Flatfoot 56) will be speaking and Dougle McMysteron (of Flight of the Mysterons) as well as Glenn Kaiser (of Rez and GKB), Steve Hindalong of the Choir / the Lost Dogs and more!!!

I will be running amuck as Emcee as well as speaking (TBA) and doing live “Chalk Rock” sometime.

Great vendors are lining up too.

I hope to see all my friends (past and present) there for the birthing of a new legend!

Audiofeed Music Festival 2013 Logo

Audiofeed Christian Music Festival – July 5-6, 2013 – Champaign – Urbana, IL