It one of the first questions people ask me: “Where do you get that brilliant chalk?”

I am proud to announce it is now available!

I am getting MSDS pages for anyone who should request it and more info gathered for my upcoming seminars etc. So please be patient while I do that – I am only offering CHAMP STICKS ™ at select Chicago Chalk Champ sponsored Events until further notice. I will be crunching more numbers to see how we will need to ship if we offer them online etc.


Everywhere I go, people are always asking: “where can I see some of your works or hear you speak? ”

Well, my art work is often temporary or performance based and often it is for private groups (not open for the public to attend). This makes it difficult or impossible for many to meet up with me on site. I am changing this somewhat in 2015-2016:


(I will do my best to update you here on this list)

August 1st, 2015 – join Shaun Hays in Kewannee, IL for Zion Lutheran’s Family Friendly “Faith and Hope” Chalk Art Festival.

August 8th, 2015 – CHICAGO CHALK CHAMP SPONSORED Chalk-Art-Competition in the CHICAGO are! FREE to attend! Artists Interested should contact me for details and (small) entry fee which includes two seminars from me, Shaun Hays, CHICAGO CHALK CHAMP!C3Logo1

Big Announcements!!

upcoming in summer and fall 2015: 

Relaunch of and

New Chalk Art Fest in Chicago Area! August 8, 2015 prizes awarded by yours truly. 

Email: for details.

September : record attempt at worlds largest art competition, Art Prize 2015

November: Egypt, Philippines 

Studio Sale!

(In case you missed the story behind this post, please read this: )


I am now beginning a list of original chalk art works that are 75% OFF until November 1, 2014

Each work will list the studio price as of August 5, 2014 and the new Sale Price. I will accept MC, Visa and Discover.

Please email to purchase and include the Sale Code “Studio14” and the reference number. First come first serve as there is only ONE of each. Thank you for helping! Include all your contact info and time to call if needed. (I will contact you personally for a safe and easy transaction)

Let’s get listing!

Reference #1:



If you have ever wanted me to do a custom work for you, now is the time. I will also re-create any studio piece you like from any of my sites (excluding 3D works) for 75% off as well. Normally to commission my studio art is $867.00 plus S&H. Until Nov 1, 2014 I will do these for 75% off and cover the shipping costs!!! That’s a grand total of $216.oo. I may have to add a clause regarding a shipping date, but lets see if I get too many first.



I’ll keep adding new works… Need time to pay? I can reserve one for you for up to two weeks.

Macy’s Flower Show 3D Art


This week I will be doing a very large, detailed 3D chalk art installment at Chicago’s Macy’s on State Street. (Marshall Fields Building) I am. Inviting the public to come watch me draw, get pictures and enjoy the many things to see and do during the Flower-show. This event is free! So come join me from 11-3 all week (THIS WEEK) and on Saturday while I draw.

For the following week, it will be open for photo – ops, so you can still see it live and get your picture interacting with the illusion! I may pop in for a bit sometime that following week, but no idea when. If you wish to catch me come out right away!

I will also be on the WGN Morning Show (Chicago’s Very Own) on Wednesday during the “Around Town” segment. Tune in or set your DVR to see that… I will be doing something special in chalk for them as well as promoting my services and the Flower show!

My fans are really encouraging people and I appreciate your favorites, likes, posts, shares and tweets! You are helping! – Shaun