Having a garage sale is hard work – but worth it!

I’ve been getting an earful of advice from everyone about Garage sales since I decided to have one. (Actually my circumstances are forcing me, but, let’s look at this with an optimistic view, ok?)

  • Apparently you cannot hold one on Sunday because my mom says NO ONE shops garage sales on Sunday.
  • Forget putting the address on your sign…no one reads it anyway and it takes up precious sign space. Just write: “SALE” with an arrow on many signs and point people to the next sign.
  • You can say Garage/Yard/Moving if you want to.
  • Put them on MAJOR ROADS like highways and point in from different directions (like a road west and a road east of your area…heck, go for North and South too!)
  • Make the signs BIG and BOLD!
  • Make the Sign POP! Black and White is fine if done right. Use Yellow or Orange Signs with Black letters to really get attention! Hot Pink posterboard with bold black letters worked best for me… you could really see it from a long distance away and I got more traffic from those.
  • Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! – I didn’t do any other advertising than my signs and the link below and it worked amazing.

****Find sugar-grove yard sales on yardsalesearch.com ****

And…here’s a less effective way:

Posting Flyers for attention

I don’t know about you, but once this thing is over I’d like to just forget about it altogether, but in the spirit of helping someone out, I’ll post my post-sale wisdom up here soon. In the meantime, you should know: I had amazing traffic to my sale. My neighbors, who had been in this subdivision for 10 years, said they have never seen traffic like that even at the advertised citywide and neighborhood sales. So, I guess the advice works. Some things could have been better, so I’ll update this post with those lessons when I have more time.


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