Thoughts on Travel

It’s no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase “As pretty as an airport” appear” – Douglas Adams

I’ve been everywhere, man! – The problem with that is not knowing what”s going on half the time. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone tried to give me directions by asking me a question only a local would know. “You know where the old Johnson place used to be?” As if somehow knowing where something used to be is going to help me get somewhere important today. I once asked a gas station clerk where I might find a diner in town. His response: “Er… what’s that? Oh! You mean one a dem dar places you eat breakfast?” Yes.  I’ve been pretty scared by the locals in a number of states.

I have mostly come to love people all over the US and beyond through my experiences. Frankly, i don’t care anymore how you talk or dress or what you drive. Lotus, Lexus, Lowrider or lemon…it’s all transportation and it can all be cool or totally unappreciated by anyone. (I showed up to one school and the seniors were driving tractors into the lot! No joke. One guy came in a state of the art Combine!)

Travel teaches. I think you should travel more. :)


One thought on “Thoughts on Travel

  1. That sounds like how they give directions here in Costa Rica. We have no street signs or house addresses. My address for my house is “300 meters south of the Pops in Curridabat, 100 meters West, 25 meters south, orange wall on the left hand side.” All that is actually printed on my drivers’ license, so it’s official!

    And they do that thing where they give directions from places that aren’t in existence anymore too. Turn left at the old fig tree… which is now a gas station. Navigating my landmarks.

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