The Agony of Slow

Today my computer decided to make my life agonizing. Amid a torrent of activity (seven docs, eight programs, and nine tabs running), it decided to downshift. At first, I looked at the screen wondering if I forgot to click in the field where I just attempted to type. Then a weird pain began to creep up my neck into my molers. I held back for a moment while my brain seemingly acted in kind with my CPU. The words “Does not compute” flashed across the only functioning part of my brain. Was this the end of my functioning day? Would the rest of my hours be spent banging my head against the monitor screaming “WHY WHY WHY????? YOU STUPID PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!!”? hmm. probably not.  I did however manage to resolve a few of the issues plaguing my PC to move on and get something done today.

Isn’t it funny how when we have to wait for something, or someone to process ridiculously easy information we nearly snap? (Or DO snap?) It agonizing when someone can’t process something we think they should just know already. We bite our tongues if we’re nice, but we really want to freak out. Funny how the shoe gets on the other foot from time to time and we find ourselves “having one of those days” and stress or lack of sleep puts us in a mental fog. Usually we grab coffee or our favorite energy drink and shake free of the fog, but have you ever found yourself asking: “Who Switched Off My Brain?” I know I have…often.

(Funny, right after I wrote that my computer restarted and I had to take a coffee break hoping my whole post hadn’t been lost.)

This year, I found a book by a doctor from Johannesburg with that exact title. It is filled with some of the most amazing science on human brain activity I have ever stumbled upon. If you ever wonder why you can’t live up to your potential, or why you sometimes feel that you just can’t process things as well as you used to, I highly recommend it!

Who Switched Off My Brain? - Dr. Carolyn Leaf

Who Switched Off My Brain? - Dr. Carolyn Leaf

I will be adding a link here so you can buy it through me soon, but just go get it at Amazon,, Barnes and noble, or even Wal-Mart for $10-12.

I have recommended it to everyone I can because it has done so much for me. As one who has suffered from PTSD most of my life and Bipolar Disorder (plus other fun stuff), it has been a revelation and helped me make huge strides in a few short months. If you do not think you need it, buy it for that agonizingly slow person in your life and read a chapter or two before you give it to them! I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Have you read it? Like my article? Let me know your thoughts and subscribe for more suggestions on living a more full and healthy life.


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