The Le Car (The Happy Mobile)

If you’ve heard me tell the story of Happy Meal Girl, you probably remember the description of the car we took to McDonald’s. Well, here are some pictures of the make and model of the infamous “Happy Mobile” or “clown car” however I described it to you. If I can find time maybe I’ll Photoshop the bumper stickers and stuff. For now, this gives you a great idea of how tiny the car was. Enjoy! (Maybe I’ll put the whole story on here one day.) By the way did you know that the Happy Meal in Japan is called a “Fun Set” and the one in Spanish is “Happy Little Box”?

Seriously I think these things had 10 inch wheels.

HAHAHA! This is nearly the amount of people Happy Meal Girl had stuffed in the car!




































Airborne Le Car!

Yea this was pretty much the way I remember the ride to McDonald's.


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