Use of my ideas and artwork / copywrites

Most of you know I do chalk art, but did you know I do Logos, photography,  CG, tattoo renderings and all kinds of traditional art forms? Have you ever wanted to use my art for something but didn’t know how to go about it legally?

Here’s how: Look at the license agreement I have for most of my artwork. I will gladly share my art with anyone who isn’t trying to rip me off and act like my ideas are theirs. I have been burned many times before by “fake” artists or artists with a creative block. Sometimes I do need to ask for a price on what I do for you, (depending on the agreement) but I still want to share my gift and if you ask nicely I may even let you use my works for profit like many other artists have over the last decade. I have taught many Chalk Artists and consulted for hundreds of individuals who were looking for some creative input. I don’t want to sound egotistical or anything but I am known as “an idea machine”. Let me help you! Just contact me before I have to sic the legal dogs on ya!


What Do You Think?

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