Who Peed In The Fountain Of Youth?

Most of my posts are light and entertaining (hopefully), but last night I pulled out an old journal where I wrote songs, scribbled thoughts of inventions and doodled art ideas and I ran across the lyrics:

“And I’m ready for our division

’cause my purpose isn’t lined up with your mission”

This was written concerning a couple of times that I offered my expertise to help a situation only to find out that the intentions of the other party involved wasn’t in the right place. I’m sure we’ve all had situations like this, but at this moment I am reflecting on groups and media situations as well as people who have made an image of purity and goodness, but behind the curtain is a dark fear… a deceptive control over people that is not easy to pinpoint and often weaves its way into the fabric of your life before you know it’s happening. We’ve all been duped at some point and it hurts. BAD!

Who Peed in the Fountain Of Youth?

Call it “smoke and mirrors” and walk away from knowing the truth right now. Seriously… Pretend the truth is unknowable and unobtainable. We are so befuddled with marketing schemes and misinformation we can never go back to simplicity again. Right? Even if someone once showed the way and blazed a trail through the jungle of deception, the path has long been overgrown and lost to history. Now we live in the information age. Long bereft of any truth. “Truth?” Ha! ‘Tis an unobtainable phantom.

But what if we were wrong? What if truth is always as close as our desire to know it? What if we had already discovered all the answers and they are just waiting for someone to uncover them? What if it’s sitting under our noses?

What Did I Find That’s Free? Uncommon Knowledge.

  1. Change the neural circuitry of your brain:

(As soon as I can get the links up here I will or I will find the time to opine. I need to leave for a while. I’ll try to get this done this next week.)


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