Shaun Hays – Now Doing Pavement Art

Shaun Hays' Chalk Art

Nautilus Shell At Night - Shaun Hays

As I’ve traveled here and there with my presentation of “Chalk Rock”, I am inevitably asked by someone if I’ve seen the 3d chalk art people do on the streets. The answer is yes and I’ve been a fan for many many years of people like Sidewalk Sam, Michael Kirby, Kurt Wenner, Julian Beever, Cuong Nguyen and Tracy Lee StumMadonnari (professionals in this medium); display their work at festivals like the International Street Painting Competition in Grazie di Curtatone, Italy.

Street painting has caught on like wild fire in the last few decades and viral emails plus Youtube have played a huge role in that. Street painting has become a major crowd pleaser and is now done in festivals all over the globe. Although I have not personally entered a chalk art festival in the past, I will be entering several in the next couple years and featured as an artist at more than one. While I am doing this for obvious exposure, I am mostly doing it to meet other artists and glean from their varied experience.

Coming from Chicago, chalk art isn’t as popular as in other more weather-suitable states, but if Julian Beever can work in the rain and cold of the U.K., I guess I can find a way of chalking in the snowy/rainy months of a Chicago winter. (I’ll just have to anchor my tent down so the wind doesn’t run away with it!)

Yes, I’m throwing my hat into the bullring of street painting. I guess I’m feeling gutsy. I still love to do my 10 minute “Chalk Rock” to live audiences, but I’ve begun to see the need to expand my horizons. If I don’t love it to death, I can always stop right? (Yea, I don’t think that’s likely either.)

Are you interested in having a street painting done at your event or featuring me at your festival? Email me.

Well, as soon as I get pics of my first few drawings, I’ll post them here on my blog and on my website.


4 thoughts on “Shaun Hays – Now Doing Pavement Art

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  2. Hey thanks! SPHS was a memorable time for me too! I hope to get out that way again real soon! If you know of anyone who’d like to have me come do a presentation, shoot me their contact info and I’ll have my team work on it for us! (There’s a Happy Meal in it for ya if we book it!)

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