Becoming a “Life Coach”

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hi! In case you don’t know me, I’m Shaun Hays and I’m a motivational speaker who came pretty darn close to living in a van down by the river!

The funny thing is, I went through so much garbage in life (abuse, depression, etc.) and overcame those large obstacles in my way years before I nearly lost everything important in to me… you’d think I would have learned a few things by then. I guess we just have to keep reliving things sometimes until we get it right.

Well, I have learned some very important things along the way, and it’s now my desire to pay it forward to as many people as I can! I took a few years off the road to recalibrate and apply the things I now know really work for anyone… in any situation. Yes, I’ve applied them to my own life and seen a huge change but I have also watched people around me apply these same principles and they worked for them too. Some have achieved HUGE success by doing so.

Now, my goal is to reach as many as I can through public speaking all around the world. I am confident my message applies to everyone, but I know that only a handful of the one’s I reach that way will continue to pursue the principles they hear throughout their life. That is why I am setting my goal to become a “Life Coach”.

Life Coaches” reach people on a much deeper level of life than public speakers. Public speakers usually don’t get involved, they choose a message fitting to the event coordinator’s needs and that of the audience as well, but a life coach gets into the “Nitty-Gritty” parts of life. It’s much like a very good personal trainer would do only the personal trainer is limited to certain areas of your life and health. A life coach will get into all areas to see an overall improvement.

The best life coaching is done with “governing dynamics” in mind. Find the “stuff” controlling the other “stuff” and work on those areas. Everything else will work itself out. If you’re a fan of Jillian Michaels or Robert “Bob” Harper from NBC’sThe Biggest Loser“, you have seen this at work. They find out what is holding a person back and it’s usually an emotional connection to an event in the person’s life that caused them to lead a lifestyle where caring for themselves became unimportant. I’ve been there myself.

I want you today to consider for a moment, what would people want to see from you in the

Shaun Hays

Getting Healthier and Feeling Great!

future if you were given the opportunity to become a “life coach”? Would they want a perfect person? -or- Would they want someone who has suffered pain and overcome their own personal tragedy(s) to become someone better? What goals of yours are leading you down that path? I personally am setting my goals higher this year and I am confident that I can reach them. Why am I so confident that I can and will? That is covered in my next article: “The Power Of Small Successes.”

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