Very Old Art – Touched Up

Last night I sort of went back in time and touched up one of my earlier works. It was done on an experimental faux Suede in 2003 for an event held at a Christian bookstore/retreat.  The material was slow and chewed up my chalk a lot and later became unavailable so I stuck with my current canvas – a Wal-Mart bed sheet!

So here is the final work hung back on the wall. Not bad huh? This one is about 5-6 feet across, just slightly smaller than my norm.  You can find a better pic. on my website.

Art, Chalk on suede, 2003, Shaun Hays, Master Speed Chalk Artist and Youth Speaker

Cross Path to Glory - 2003, Shaun Hays









I always tell people who are considering one of my originals that it is crucial to remember; It will take me ten time longer to touch up than what it took me to do it…if something happens to the art . (Sometimes a lot more than ten times!) This does happen from time to time and most of the time you can fix it yourself. I’ll post a link here later to the “How To Maintain The Chalk Art” page on my website.



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