Endurance -“In it for the Long-haul”

My car! 200k miles and still going strong!A few years ago my wife and I were looking to upgrade our vehicle. We wanted a truly solid car that would last us for a long time. Something nice too. Something special. That’s when a black BMW 528i came into our life. It was a much better make of car than either of us had ever owned and it fit our list of needs and wants just perfect.

Right away priorities changed for me. Suddenly getting my “Beemer” washed, waxed and detailed was way more important to me than picking up my daily coffee and bagel. I was vigilant about oil changes and spent more money on the right set of tires and top of the line brakes. I conditioned the leather seats and asked questions of mechanics and other car enthusiasts. Why? Because I wanted to make sure I got as much bang for my buck as I could. I wanted this car to endure.

When I bought it someone told me “a BMW isn’t like your everyday American made car…you can easily get 200-250 thousand miles out of one if you just treat it good”. (Now, I’m all for buying American when I can and I like several American made cars, but this just wasn’t one of those times.) Needless to say, I listened to that advice and took better care of my car than any other car I’ve ever owned. Yesterday, my wife and I celebrated that very car hitting 200,000 miles. We are so happy!

I think there is a lesson here for us all. The success of this story started when I decided I wanted something better. Something MORE! All of us need to look at our lives and ask the question: “Am I doing everything I can to make life’s journey something special for the long-haul?” Many of us need to trade in our values for something of higher value. I’m certainly not talking strictly monetary here: I’m talking getting the most out of life and that often means doing good for others and setting a higher standard for yourself and those you love.

What is higher living to you? Is it just making more money or does it go much deeper for you than that? If so, than you’re my kind of person. You really care about things going on in this world and you want to make a difference. But dreaming about making a difference isn’t going to cut it. I know a lot of people who say things like “I wish I had a nice car like yours!” but that is where it all stops for them. They aren’t serious about it and I know this because they don’t actually DO anything about making it happen. Doing something would involve changing careers for many people or at the very least making that wish a goal. If you don’t know the difference between a wish and a goal, then you are in need of my blog entry entitled “Goal Setting – The Comeback“.

Set Goals! Stick to them! Make adjustments if necessary, but always strive for something higher…something bigger than your current life and circumstances and make one of your biggest goals to reach out and help those less fortunate than you. (And there are ALWAYS those less fortunate than you…even right now. You can begin to help others today. Quit waiting for the lotto and Publishers Clearinghouse! Seriously.)

Thanks for listening and applying what you read. It makes me very happy when I hear back from people who have! :)

– Shaun


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