Goal setting – The Comeback

I am very much conscious of goal setting and it’s importance today because I have been working out of my home a lot and realize that if I do not set goals and track my progress it is way too easy to lose track of time and efforts. (wow long sentence!)

My weight and health goals are a small part of the whole picture. Well, let’s scratch that because it really is a huge issue. Two years ago my doctor stared me right in the face and told me “Shaun, you are a walking stroke or heart-attack waiting to happen”.

But that was only one of many very bad things happening to me:

I was suffering from Post Traumatic Distress Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder with Rapid Cycling (one of the worst cases on record) a loss of certain motor functions/twitching and in general, a loss of everything good in my life as a result of these compound problems.

Since then, I’ve determined to make a comeback! Everyone likes a comeback right? :)

I began by getting outside help because I was helpless to help myself. After some time, though, I was able to see clearly again and stand up and face my issues head on.

Now I’ve come to a place where recovery is not my goal but ascension into new realms of wild dreams. I have lost weight when others told me I never would because I am on medicine that causes me to gain weight. In fact I’ve lost 20 LBS!!! (Oh yes I DID!) I will not quit here.

When I reached my goal it was easy to slack and just forget the rules I laid down for myself, and that’s when I saw it: Goals are essential! Not just to weight loss but to everyday living if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. Did you know that the greatest achievers and the wealthiest people of all time have always had one thing in common? They wrote down their goals! Wrote them… not just thought about them. Thoughts are too fluid. They change to easily. Written word does not easily change. Thats why it is also called a record.

If you are looking to get healthy and lose weight, use www.sparkpeople.com to record your goals and track your progress for healthy living. You will have a much greater success rate than just thinking or talking about your health.

So what are my new “wild” goals? Well, no.1 is to lose another 10lbs by Christmas, which is in 10 or 11 days. That’s a pound a day! I can do that! Goal no. 2 is to begin a workout that strengthens my core so I can move on to goal no. 3 by Feb 14… to start sculpting my abs for summer! Yea that’s right, I wanna LOOK good again. But better than I ever have. Ultimately my super wild goal for my health is that I want to get on a skateboard again and shred a park when I’m 40. That gives me almost 2 years to strength train and rehabilitate several injuries.

I WILL do this. Wait till you see some of my before and after photos. I’ll share my workout secrets as I go – if they indeed work. I’ll also share my diet favorites, etc.

Now back to goals: I have more than health goals, like travel goals: I want to travel more internationally. I have a long (alphabetical) list of Cities and countries I want to visit. Financial goals: I want to respect money and how it works enough to educate myself more and more until I am quite comfortable handling large amounts of it in a respectable manner. (I will not share specific dollar amounts here). Relationship goals: I want to get much better at meeting my wifes emotional needs and the general needs of my business relationships. And so forth.

What are your goals? Do you have them written down and organized? If I saw how you live today would I be impressed or disgusted? It is all a matter of YOU deciding to change. If you don’t know where else to start, start by closing your web-browser and shutting off the TV for a day and taking a walk (at Wal-mart or the mall if it’s too cold) and ask yourself this question: what’s the biggest thing holding me back from achieving all my hopes and dreams? Maybe it’s just the simple belief that you are going to fail. Well, if you don’t try… you just failed.

I believe in you. I believe in your dreams and in your ability to overcome huge obstacles in your way. When people tell me it can’t be done, I look for a voice in the crowd saying “that’s just an excuse…you can do it”! But you can’t do it if you’re comfortable being who you’ve become. Find a motivator. It may be a trainer, or it might be your child. It might be a photograph or a video. It might be an event like a cruise or reunion. Always have motivation around you. Surround yourself with it. Print words that motivate you and hang it on the wall. The idea is just simply: DO SOMETHING!!! You will love yourself for doing it.

(BTW – Thanks to my lovely wife for staying by my side through all this and to the Dr.s and Counselors who helped get me where I am today. Most of all to God for guiding me and giving me the strength when I looked to Him.)

-Shaun A. Hays


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